Using Rooibos

Rooibos for Baby – Treating colic

Rooibos tea can help to prevent and treat colic in babies. Offer baby 25ml to 50ml between
feeds. Give the tea using a syringe if baby is nursing, or drink it yourself so that baby gets it
via your breast milk.

Rooibos for Soothing skin conditions

If baby has itchy, dry skin rashes, brew a strong pot of Rooibos and add it to baby’s bath
water. The rash should show marked improvement within a few days. Baby soaps, shampoos
and creams containing Rooibos are also available, to help prevent rashes. Treat a small but
persistent patch of rash with a moistened Rooibos tea bag. Secure the tea bag to the
effected area with a bandage or plaster for two to three hours. Repeat until the rash clears
up, which is usually within two days.

Rooibos for Easing itches

If your baby contracts a contagious, itchy disease such as chicken pox or measles, make a solution of Rooibos tea and bicarbonate of soda. Dab the solution all over the itchy areas or
add it to the bath water.

Rooibos for Treating fever

If your baby suffers from frequent fevers, offer II ice lollies” made from a mixture of
Rooibos tea and fresh fruit juice. Freeze the mixture in moulds. These lollies will help them
to keep their liquid intake up, as well as cooling them down. They are also a good alternative
to other treats.

Disclaimer: If any queries please contact your doctor